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Car Furniture

'Classic Couches' car sofa's are made from original cars, not reproductions of any kind. Our highly experienced craftsmen start with real junk yard cars and transform them into wonderful garage décor. The car couch is often thought of as the icon in terms of car furniture, first built by 'Classic Couches' in 1982.

Everyone has a favorite car from their past that ended up in a junk yard at some point.

Well, you can have that memory back again.

Classic Clouch Car Furniture can make your memory come alive again. Classic Car Couches can build your favorite car from the past into a fine piece of car furniture you can enjoy the rest of your life.  Classic Car Couches will find your memory either in our inventory of "OLD IRON" or through our extensive resources. Classic Car Couches has the capabilities to build your memory to you exact specifications, any color or options. 

Take a look below at some of the Car Furniture that has returned those memories to our other clients.   

Cool Car Furniture


Bel Air Car Furniture

Designing and building the most unique car part furniture available today

Old Gas Pump Restorations

Now Offering Automobilia, Petromobilia, and Memorabilia Restoration

Mustang Car Couch

Have a car couch custom built for you today

Chevrolet Truck

Contact us to learn more what car couch for sale we have today.

Diner Booth

Automotive Furniture that is perfect for a car theme restaurant.

Chevrolet Desk

We offer more than Car Couches. We offer all types of car furniture including; Car Bar, Car Office Desk, Car Wall Décor, hot rod furniture, and much more

Chevrolet Car Furniture

Perfect car furniture for your car room in an office or home

Chevy Station Wagon

Car theme museum exhibit, car trade show booth, and any car furniture needs.

Contact us to outfit your car room today.